Himalayan herbs have been used for many centuries to optimise mental and physical functions of the body. They represent the essence of traditional Ayurvedic medicine which uses them in manifold combinations.

Each herb has a variety of effects, therefore the precise mixing ratio is of paramount importance to increase or reduce their specific effect. The Himalayan Ayurvedic teas are a unique combination of such century-proven herbs and their beneficial decoctions. They optimise mental and physical strengths, rejuvenate bodily tissues, harmonise cardiovascular and lymphatic system, calm the nerves and respiratory tract. They also promote good digestion and metabolism, detoxify the body, stimulate brain activity and improve immune system. When regularly taken, their specific effects beneficially influence our bodily and mental condition. The tea legends contain a list of their ingredients, favourable effects, as well as categories and mode of actions covered by each one.
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