The blood enables the physical existence of life, distributes warmth all over the body, oxidises all bodily tissues and provides skin colouring. Its main transport carrier are the red blood cells, which carry of nutrients and haemoglobin. This ensures all bodily tissues send a constant flow of oxygen and energy to all bodily tissues. The source of blood cells is the marrow which is connected with their recycling process in the liver and the filtration of blood in the spleen.

What is the Lymph

The lymph is a yellowish fluid with similar composition to that of the plasma. It originates in the intercellular space from the tissue fluid and circulates in the lymph vessels as an immunity shield. It deals with filtration of harmful substances in the lymph nodes and directs them into the bloodstream. The lymphatic organs include spleen, lymph nodes, tonsils and adenoids, thymus, marrow and cecum.

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