Body Disorders Leading to Diabetes

Excessive food consumption and improper water assimilation lead to body overweight and increased cholesterol and sugar level in the blood afterwards. These symptoms are reflected in the form of aggravated spleen function and diabetic disease. Increased fatty tissue causes gallbladder stones, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Certain warning signals precede the development of the diabetes and are easy to recognise, such as: feeling of goose bumps or spasticity during urination, unpleasant odour in the armpits, breathlessness, burning thirst and excessive production of saliva and tartar.

Oncological Ailment – the Psychosomatic Imbalance of Three Life Forces

According to the Ayurveda, the cause of oncological ailment is closely connected with a significant psychosomatic imbalance of all three life principles of vata, pitta and kapha. This systematic imbalance happens as a result of a long standing body-soiling caused by chemical carcinogen or chronic distortion of life rhythms, digestive tract, immune system or mental condition.

Need for Diet and Detoxification

As a consequence of a radical decrease in digestive fire activity, toxic substances accumulate in the body and gradually infect bodily tissues. Thus a proper diet is of great importance to purifiy the digestive tract and restore harmonic metabolism. Detoxification therapy includes strict elimination of meat and dairy consumption as well as the focus on raw vegetable (barley, oats, rice, celery, dandelion, mungo bean sprouts, sprouted sunflower seeds and alfalfa, ginger, garlic, turmeric) or fruit juices.

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